The Growth and Competitiveness Commission


The Growth and Competitiveness Commission has been established as part of the tri-partite City Deal agreement between the UK Government, the Welsh Government and the ten local authorities of the Cardiff Capital Region. The Commission will undertake an in-depth review of the Cardiff Capital Region economy, and to provide recommendations for the sustainable development of the city-region.

The Commission is chaired by Prof Greg Clark and supported by Commissioners Alexandra Jones - Chief Executive of Centre for Cities, Kevin Gardiner - Global Investment Strategist at Rothschild, and Helen Molyneux - Chief Executive Officer, New Law.

The Commission will also be supported by Cardiff University and the Centre for Cities as it develops its evidence base.

Commission Remit and Overview

As outlined in the City Deal document the Commission’s remit will be to:

• Review the evidence about the functional economic area and advise how best to generate Gross Value Added growth and support the ambitions of a dynamic capital region in a successful Welsh Economy.
• Examine the challenges and opportunities for economic growth and competitiveness and make recommendations for how the Cardiff Capital Region can achieve its full growth potential, and contribute most to the Welsh economy.

Over the summer and autumn the Commission will deliver a dedicated research programme including a public call for evidence and a series of high-level public seminars/hearings and private roundtables. In doing so its outputs will include guidance for City Deal investment and project criteria, providing ideas and details for potential regionally significant investment proposals, and providing recommendations for the future development of a more competitive city-region. The findings will be concluded and announced at a conference in the autumn 2016.

Call for Evidence

The Commission is seeking evidence from interest parties on:

• Challenges and opportunities for economic growth and competitiveness
• Data and analysis on economic and social issues affecting the city-region
• How we can maximise economic links between the ten local authorities, and make a bigger contribution to the Welsh economy.

Anyone interested in giving evidence can submit it to the Commission secretariat at: commission@cardiffcapitalregioncitydeal.wales or by phone at 029 2078 8573.